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Conscious Living Weekend Retreat

Conscious Living Weekend Retreat

Conscious Living Weekend Retreat The “Conscious Living” retreat provides nothing short of a profound, accelerated experience in self-awareness and transformation. The weekend is about honestly assessing and taking responsibility...

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Living Your Inspiration Weekend Retreat

Living Your Inspiration Weekend Retreat

Living Your Inspiration Weekend Retreat The Awareness Institute weekend retreats help you to find your own way. The “Living Your Inspiration” workshop is about real freedom, the kind of...

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Conscious Relating Weekend Retreat

Conscious Relating Weekend Retreat

Conscious Relating: A Focus on Intimacy, Sexuality & Healing “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that...

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“This work has helped me discover a ground of being that is peaceful, trusting and deeply grateful for EVERY experience in my life. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the conscious support to find and follow my own truth.” – Keleigh F.

“No matter where you are in your life – happy, sad, angry, loved, burdened, stale, joyous, you name it, you’re a perfect candidate for one of these workshops. You owe it to the person you see in the mirror everyday to spend some time digging deep and finding the treasures within.” – Brian S.

“I learned there are others out there who take the same emotional avoidance paths that seem so normal and natural for me – and that, by becoming conscious of these avoidances, I have the power to change them.” – Dave R.

“I got to see how I’ve held back love and controlled my natural flow of energy, in the past, and can now feel the incredible freedom of letting go!” – Shannon F.

“I consider the weekend to be a milestone in the evolution of my consciousness.” – Amy E.

“Truly mind-blowing…I’m in awe. The workshops are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” – Kim F.

“I’m so grateful to have a space where all of me is welcomed. At a time in my life when I often feel vulnerable and unsure, it helps to know that I can simply show up in the moment and know love.” – Danielle N.

  • Keleigh F.
  • Brian, after his Conscious Loving experience
  • Dave R.
  • Shannon F., after “ISH”
  • Amy E.
  • Kim F, June 2013
  • Danielle N., March 2013